Our Vision:
We want to save lives and increase survival rates through high-quality CPR in case of cardiac arrest

With CorPatch® we aim to reduce insecurities and guide you to perform quality CPR from the first crucial minutes of a cardiac arrest. CorPatch® and the free app can guide you to check for vital life signs, call 1-1-2 and perform CPR using a unique  feedback system.

What is cardiac arrest?

Cardiac arrest is the third leading cause of death worldwide. Cardiac arrest occurs suddenly and often without warning. It is lethal within minutes if the victim is left untreated, as chances of survival decreases by 10% every minute.

It is estimated that 350,000 people suffer from out-of-hospital cardiac arrest (OHCA) every year across Europe, with similar numbers from USA and Canada.

Most cardiac arrests happen at home – often without warning. In many cases, witnesses are hesitant or unsure about how to act in a stressful situation, where the life of a loved one is at stake. We want to change this.

It is our goal to prepare and empower everyone to perform high-quality CPR and save lives in case of cardiac arrest. We want to help you save a life!

How can survival rates for cardiac arrest be improved?

The average survival rate of Out of Hospital Cardiac Arrest (OHCA) in Europe is between 5% and 20%.

The first five minutes of cardiac arrest are crucial for survival to ensure flow of blood and oxygen to the brain, constantly. As chances of survival decreases by 10% per minute, it is very important to perform effective CPR from the very first minutes until an AED or ambulance arrive.

Unfortunately, the ambulance typically arrives too late. This creates a life-threatening time-gap from when the incident happens until the ambulance arrives. To lower the risk of permanent injury and increase chances of survival, our solution will help and guide you to perform effective CPR in this time-gap.

We have developed a technology that measures the quality of CPR in real time and, when connected to a free CorPatch® app, guides the witness through the whole process. This solution will make all actions from the very first minute effective, valuable – and documented.

Bystander CPR Rate vs Survival Rate

suffer from cardiac arrest every year in Europe


of cardiac arrest victims survive each year


who receive high-quality CPR and AED shocks survive


return to a normal working life after surviving

Why is CorPatch® the solution?

SmartResQ has developed CorPatch® to increase the quality of bystander CPR. CorPatch® measures the victim’s chest movement, when the bystander performs CPR and uses these data to guide the bystander through a free app and hopefully optimise the quality of CPR. The small, medical product is affordable, even though it contains specially developed electronics with quick and precise measurements.

CorPatch® is a high-tech medically approved device that can prepare and empower you to perform effective CPR, if you witness a cardiac arrest.

With CorPatch®, we aim to increase your confidence to act and perform quality CPR!


SmartResQ has developed CorPatch® Trainer for training institutes to implement live feedback and optimise first aid courses. CorPatch® Trainer is a rechargeable, durable and compact device that can fit on a manikin.

CorPatch® Trainer connected to the free CorPatch® Trainer app give a detailed yet structured overview of course participants’ performance in various scenarios.

Performance data about depth, frequency, recoil and flow fraction are recorded individually for each course participant. This gives the trainer a great insight into how exactly each course participant can improve their CPR performance. Furthermore, the trainer can see areas of improvement in their own CPR performance based on hard data.

With CorPatch® Trainer, we want to make first aid courses more interactive and based on hard data and prepare course participants to act in case they witness a cardiac arrest.

Unique ‘Train-As-You-Fight’ concept

Together, CorPatch® and CorPatch® Trainer create a unique ‘Train-As-You-Fight’ concept.

The course participants get familiar with the feedback system from CorPatch® Trainer and the free CorPatch® Trainer app in a safe environment with assistance from professional instructors. Afterwards, the participants can practice and improve their CPR performance at home with the same feedback system but use CorPatch® and the free CorPatch® app instead.

The similar CPR feedback system in the two apps might improve the course participants confidence and willingness to act, should they witness a cardiac arrest in real-life. Here, CorPatch® and the free CorPatch® app can guide them through the whole first aid process and give live feedback, when they perform CPR.

CorPatch® Trainer will give the first aid course instructors a more interactive course, and instructions to each course participant based on hard data. The real-time feedback system from CorPatch® Trainer and the free CorPatch® Trainer app track each individual course participants’ CPR performance and give live feedback for improvements.



CorPatch® can prepare and guide you to perform optimal CPR in a real cardiac arrest.


CorPatch® Trainer is a rechargeable first aid training solution with the same feedback as CorPatch® - A 'Train as you Fight' concept!