We collaborate with several training institutes and companies who value safety.

For Professionals

Be prepared and empowered to perform quality CPR with our unique ‘Train-As-You-Fight’ concept.

Training Institutes

We offer a unique ‘Train-As-You-Fight’ solution to training institutes and course providers who want to improve their first aid courses and grow their businesses.

CorPatch® Trainer is a CPR training device with a free app that can guide and prepare you to save a life in case of cardiac arrest. It stores data about the depth, recoil, frequency and flow fraction of chest compressions while you or your trainees practice CPR.

For best use of CorPatch® Trainer, we recommend trainers to install the free CorPatch® Trainer app. If the device is connected to the app, you can get real-time feedback on each trainees’ CPR performance through audio and visual effects. This creates interactive courses and a possibility for the trainer to give professional CPR guidance based on hard data.

The CorPatch® Trainer is designed for existing manikins making it possible for the first aid trainer to set up group session with up to 20 trainees per CorPatch® Trainer. The trainer can also customize the standards for each session e.g. duration and feedback mode and track each trainees’ progression throughout the course.

The comprehensive system also gives training institutes one platform to manage all trainers and trainees and get a complete overview of individual CPR performances over time.

At the end of the first aid course, the trainer can offer the trainees our medical device CorPatch® with a similar CPR feedback system, but specially developed for a real-life case of cardiac arrest. Together, CorPatch® Trainer and CorPatch® create a unique ‘Train-As-You-Fight’-concept.

Train As You Fight

For best use, we recommend that you install and connect the free CorPatch® app with CorPatch® and CorPatch® Trainer app with CorPatch® Trainer.

Together, CorPatch® and CorPatch® Trainer offer a unique ‘Train As You Fight’ concept.

Due to similar live feedback systems in the apps, the trainees can bring the best of CPR training to their home after the first aid course. This will hopefully reduce insecurities and increase the trainees’ confidence to act in case they witness a cardiac arrest.


On the other hand, the first aid trainers can improve their own and the trainees’ CPR performance based on live feedback and hard data, and thereby give better instructions and make the course more interactive.

The trainees get familiar with the CPR feedback system through CorPatch® Trainer in a safe environment with assistance from professional first aid trainers. Afterwards, they can practice at home with CorPatch® and be prepared for a real-life case of cardiac arrest.

If you want to know more about our unique ‘Train-As-You-Fight’ solution, please contact us on info@corpatch.com.

Offer CorPatch® to your employees

Do you want to grow and nurture your company’s safety culture?

Then reach out to us and become a #heartsafecompany

Many out of hospital cardiac arrests happen at home or at the workplace. We believe a safe workplace increases the overall wellbeing for all employees. Therefore, we cooperate with companies who value safety and wants to prepare and empower employees to help save a life – maybe of a colleague.

It is possible for multiple or even all employees to get a CorPatch®; our small, medical device with a free app that can prepare and guide you to perform quality CPR in case you witness a cardiac arrest.

We also cooperate with a strong network of first aid course providers who use CorPatch® Trainer to improve CPR quality for their course participants. Feel free to contact us if you are interested in an interactive first aid course with live-feedback and instructions based on hard data.

Be a frontrunner for safety culture and become a #heartsafecompany through a partnership with CorPatch®.

Please contact us for further information at info@corpatch.com or fill out the contact formular below.

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