Ensure that your employees are
this summer

Ensure that your employees stay #heartsafe during the summer! With CorPatch® your employees will be prepared and empowered to act in case of cardiac arrest.

| Delivery June 2023 | 


What is CorPatch® and why it is important for your employees?

CorPatch® is a small, medical device with a free app that prepares and empowers your employees to perform quality CPR in case of cardiac arrest.

CorPatch® and the free CorPatch® app can reduce insecurities and help your employees check for vital life signs, call 1-1-2 and perform CPR if they witness a cardiac arrest. Your employees can use CorPatch® to train CPR every 3 months in their homes, and with the instructions, it will guide them to perform effective CPR from the first crucial minutes, which can increase the chances of survival.

Why does CorPatch® make sense?

SmartResQ has developed CorPatch® to increase the quality of bystander CPR. CorPatch® measures the victim’s chest movement when the bystander performs CPR and uses these data to guide the bystander through a free app and hopefully optimize the quality of CPR. The small, medical product is affordable, even though it contains specially developed electronics with quick and precise measurements.

CorPatch® is a high-tech medically approved device that can prepare and empower you to perform effective CPR if you witness a cardiac arrest.

With CorPatch®, we aim to increase your confidence to act and perform quality CPR!

This is how easy it is to use CorPatch® in cardiac arrest

This video simulates how CorPatch® is used in emergency situations.

Watch the video to see how easy it could be for your employees to give optimal CPR in case of cardiac arrest.

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