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Why CorPatch® 

When the heart stops beating, the blood flow to the brain is halted and minute by minute the brain dies. After 3-5 minutes there is already irreversible brain damage. After more than 6 minutes, returning to a normal life is unlikely and the patient will need costly rehabilitation.

Restoration of blood-flow to the brain by easy-to-perform chest compressions and defibrillation of the heart, either by the use of a community AED or an EMS defibrillator, means survival chances can be increased at least 2 – 4 times. The main reason lies within the quality of the chest compressions, and since research shows that even professionals forget CPR training in 3-6 months, we have developed a solution to empower anybody to perform better CPR.


  • Adhesive increases accuracy
  • App for all platforms
  • Feedback with best-in-class intuitive UI
  • Developed with scientists in guidance (audio and tactile)

What is CorPatch®

CorPatch® is an adhesive patch, equipped with an electronic device that measures the depth, recoil and frequency of chest compressions and makes it possible to communicate these data to your smartphone.

For optimal use of CorPatch®, you are welcome to download the free app to your smartphone. The app translates the signals from the patch to a smartphone’s audio-visual user interface, that guides the bystander to correctly diagnose cardiac arrest and perform high quality chest compressions.

CorPatch® will have a physical appearance that you can always carry it with you. The app, which is installed when the bystander initially acquires the patch, runs on Android, iOS and Windows Phone, and reveals a graphical user interface that adapts automatically to the screen size of the smartphone. The app guides the bystander to check for vital signs and the user interface assists in performing correct chest compressions with the right recoil in the right frequency.

The CorPatch® solution is patent pending.

If you want to learn more about the technical aspects of the product and how to obtain it, please contact us.

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