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CorPatch® Trainer is a rechargeable solution for training CPR at home or in first aid courses.

CorPatch® Trainer is a unique CPR training device with a free app that can guide and prepare you to save a life in case of cardiac arrest. It stores data about the depth, recoil, frequency and flow fraction of chest compressions while you train CPR.

For best use of CorPatch® Trainer, we recommend that you install the free CorPatch® Trainer app. If the device and free app are connected, you can get real-time feedback on your CPR performance through audio and visual effects.

CorPatch® Trainer can be used by anyone who wants to improve the quality of their CPR but is especially useful for training institutes and in first aid courses. CorPatch® Trainer can be used on existing manikins from manufacturers such as Ambu, Laerdal, Braiden, Prestan, and PractiMan.

To follow up on numerous requests to support the start-up, we have made this crowdfunding campaign. Make sure to be among the first to get a product once it is manufactured.


Please read the full user guide before use of the product.

The product ‘CorPatch®️ Trainer’ must exclusively be used on manikins in training sessions and never in a real-life situation on a real person suffering from cardiac arrest or any other health-related illness.

The product must only be used by adults +18 years old.

Shipping from our central warehouse is invoiced separately depending on your location.

Expected delivery time: January/February 2022

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