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CorPatch® can prepare and guide you to perform quality CPR in a real-life case of cardiac arrest.

CorPatch® is an adhesive patch, equipped with an electronic device that measures the depth, recoil, frequency and flow fraction of chest compressions and makes it possible to communicate these data to a free app on your smartphone.

The free CorPatch® app translates the signals from the patch to the smartphone’s audio-visual user interface, which prepare and empower you to correctly diagnose cardiac arrest and perform high quality CPR.


Please read the full user guide before use of the product.

The product ‘CorPatch’ is a single-use product that must exclusively be used on a person in a real-life situation and only if the person suffers from a cardiac arrest. It is not intended to be used on persons suffering from e.g. stroke, heart attack, or other health-related illnesses.

The product must only be used on and by adults +18 years old.

Shipping from our central warehouse is invoiced separately depending on your location.

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