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A 'Train-As-You-Fight' for Training Institutes

A training institute or first aid course provider can use CorPatch® Trainer to improve the trainees' CPR performances based on hard data and make courses more interactive.

The trainees get familiar with the CPR feedback in a safe environment with professional instructions. At the end of the training, offer a CorPatch® to each trainee to reduce insecurities and prepare them for a real-life case of cardiac arrest in their home environment.

CorPatch® POS consists of 25 CorPatch® packed in a sales case for Training Institutes to use in their training sessions.

CorPatch® must only be used on and by adults +18 years old.
Please read the full user guide before use of the product.
The product ‘CorPatch’ is a single-use product that must exclusively be used on a person in a real-life situation and only if the person suffers from a cardiac arrest. It is not intended to be used on persons suffering from e.g. stroke, heart attack, or other health-related illnesses.

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