CorPatch® is a small, medical device with a free app that prepares and empowers you to perform quality CPR in case of cardiac arrest.









About CorPatch®

CorPatch® is a handy, medical device with a free app that prepares and empowers you to perform quality CPR in case of cardiac arrest. For best use of CorPatch®, we recommend that you install the free CorPatch® app. If the device is connected to the app, you can get real-time feedback on your CPR performance through audio and visual effects to support and improve your life-saving effort.

CorPatch® and the free CorPatch® app can reduce insecurities and help you check for vital life signs, call 1-1-2 and perform CPR if you witness a cardiac arrest. You can use CorPatch® to train CPR every 3 months in your home, and with the instructions it will guide you to perform effective CPR from the first crucial minutes, which can increase chances of survival.

CorPatch® contains an adhesive patch with a positioning aid that makes it easy to apply the CorPatch® correctly on the victim’s chest, before you begin CPR. It is designed to store data about the depth, flow fraction, recoil and frequency of chest compressions, so that evidence can be collected and the feedback continuously improved.

We always recommend that you participate in a first aid course at one of our partner training institutes to get familiar with the feedback system, before you buy a CorPatch®.

Important! CorPatch® can be used by anyone strong enough to perform CPR. CorPatch® is not suitable for use on infants or children in cardiac arrest. Do not use any SmartResQ/CorPatch® system for fun on any living person, pets or any other living creature. No matter how well or early CPR is performed, there is no guarantee of survival with or without the use of any SmartResQ/CorPatch® system.

The CorPatch® app

The free CorPatch® app includes a wealth of information on first aid and gives you the opportunity to be prepared for a cardiac arrest – even if you do not have a CorPatch®. If you have a CorPatch®, you can train CPR for 4 minutes in the comfort of your home once every 3 months. This will make you prepared and able to act quickly in the event of a cardiac arrest.

Emergency mode
that guides you
during emergencies

Emergency mode on app

Training mode
to help you improve
your CPR performance

Training mode on the CorPatch app

First aid section
includes information on cardiac arrest and other conditions

First Aid Compendium on the CorPatch app

that enable you to learn how to act in case of emergencies

Tutorial example on the CorPatch app

on how to use

Tutorial example from the First Aid Compendium on the CorPatch app

How to train with CorPatch®

When you connect CorPatch® to the free CorPatch® app, you have an opportunity to self-train chest compressions in the calm and safe environment of your own home.

You find the training exercises in the menu in the CorPatch® app.

The training exercises are designed to make you familiar with the CPR feedback display that prepares and empowers you to act, if you witness a person with cardiac arrest in real-life.

While you train, you will receive live instructions on how to improve your chest compressions. After training, you get an overview of your training and performance in relation to flow fraction, depth, recoil and frequency.

We recommend that you train with CorPatch® for 4 minutes every three months to practice your CPR performance. Be aware that CorPatch® is not re-chargeable. Check the battery level on an ongoing basis to ensure that there is enough battery for a real-life situation of cardiac arrest. The CorPatch® battery lifetime is up to four years.

Important! Training with CorPatch® does not replace CPR courses. Make sure to attend a first aid course regularly.

If possible, train on a manikin or other hard surfaces with sufficient recoil e.g. an office chair or hard couch – or even toilet paper rolls. If you train on soft surfaces e.g. pillows, the user experience and results will be affected negatively.

Also remember to train how to unpack CorPatch® from the enclosure and follow the app instructions about how to identify a cardiac arrest. Then you are ready to react quickly and correctly if you witness a cardiac arrest.