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CorPatch® can prepare and guide you to perform quality CPR in a real-life case of cardiac arrest.

CorPatch® is a medical device in the form of a keyhanger, equipped with an electronic device that measures depth, frequency, and recoil, as well as flow fraction of chest compressions and communicates these data to a free app on your smartphone.

The free CorPatch® app translates the signals from the CorPatch® to the smartphone’s audio-visual user interface, where you get feedback and can optimize the quality of CPR. CorPatch® prepares and empowers you to correctly diagnose cardiac arrest and perform high quality CPR in case you witness a cardiac arrest.

It is possible to train CPR with CorPatch® for 4 minutes every 3 months, and thereby be well-prepared to act in case you witness a cardiac arrest – we call this Train-As-You-Fight.


Please read the full user guide before use of the product.

The medical product ‘CorPatch’ is a single-use product that must exclusively be used on a person in a real-life situation and only if the person suffers from a cardiac arrest. It is not intended to be used on persons suffering from e.g. stroke, heart attack, or other health-related illnesses.

The free CorPatch® app is compatible with iOS and Android devices. The App requires Android 8.0 respectively iOS 14.0 or later versions and Bluetooth® 4.2.
We recommend updating your device’s operating system regularly.

CorPatch® can be used by anyone strong enough to perform CPR. CorPatch® is suitable for use on adults in cardiac arrest.

Shipping from our central warehouse will be invoiced separately depending on your location. We currently only sell to

  • Denmark, Germany, Austria, France, Italy, Luxembourg, Finland and Switzerland.

Please contact us on info@corpatch.com for deliveries to your country.

In Switzerland you can purchase CorPatch from our partner, SIMWRX GmbH: info@simwrx.chor via the website: bemyheart.org

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