CorPatch Training Cushion

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The revolutionary CorPatch® Training Cushion makes it possible for anyone to train CPR anywhere frequently at a very low cost.

Use it in combination with CorPatch® at home, in companies, schools or clinics or at sites where remote employees are stationed.
Organizations, companies, clinics and hospitals can collect training data from CorPatch® with our Professional Sharing functionality – license free of course.

Or use it with CorPatch® Trainer for courses.

Application areas:

  • At home
  • Clinics or emergency medical services
  • Companies
  • Schools
  • Mass CPR training

The CorPatch® Training cushion is made from compressible material that feels like a professional manikin. You can compress up to 70mm deep, thereby also simulating too deep compressions that are as undesired as too shallow compressions, as they can harm internal organs.

The cushion measures 130mm in height and has a footprint of Ø170MM.

Cleaning is possible with normal disinfectants.

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