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Don't skimp on equipment!

Also buy the professional CorPatch® training set with manikin and knee pad to get the optimal training equipment.

Training is best with the right equipment!
AmbuMan Basic professional first aid manikin for CorPatch® training

As a business owner or responsible for first aid in your organization, you care about quality - also when it comes to life-saving first aid training. That's why the AmbuMan Basic is the obvious choice when you and your employees need to complete your CorPatch® lifesaving first aid training every 3 months.

With the manikin, you have a robust and affordable training manikin from a quality supplier that will last for many years. You get a real-life experience in both checking for response and respiration, and a realistic experience when performing CPR. In doing so, you follow the European Resuscitation Council's guideline for Basic Life Support and training.
If your company/organization wants to train with artificial respiration in addition to CPR, Ambu's unique hygiene system eliminates the risk of infection during use. You can easily change both faces and breathing bags between employee use, but for the majority, practicing cardiac arrest recognition and CPR every 3 months will be perfectly sufficient.
If you need it, we also offer servicing of your manikin through our partner, so it's always ready and functional for use. Contact us if you need additional accessories such as extra face masks or breathing bags.

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