CorPatch® Home Training Kit User Guide

It is recommended to practice first aid regularly so that you can provide optimal first aid in the event of a real cardiac arrest.

With the CorPatch® and CorPatch® Home Training Kit, you don’t need expensive training equipment to train at home every 3 months.


CorPatch® Home Training Kit Manual

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How to use the CorPatch® app

Download the free CorPatch® app from App store or Google Play Store:

Open App store or Google Play and search for “CorPatch”

Download and install the CorPatch® app on your Android device.

Open the CorPatch® app.

If you are setting up your CorPatch® for the first time, make sure that your smartphone is up to date.

Then follow these steps:

  1. When you open the CorPatch® app for the first time, you can sign up with your email and chosen password.
  2. When you have created your profile, you will receive an email verification.
  3. After signing up and logging in, you will be asked to connect the CorPatch®. Press firmly on to your CorPatch® to connect.

You are able to train with your CorPatch® up to ten minutes every three months to practice your CPR performance. Be aware that CorPatch® is not rechargeable.

You are able to check the battery status on an ongoing basis via the CorPatch® app to ensure that there is enough battery life in case of a real-life situation of cardiac arrest.

The CorPatch® battery lifetime can last approx. four years.

Real-life situation
Remember to only perform CPR with your CorPatch® if you witness a cardiac arrest, i.e. an unconscious person who is not breathing.

If you want to train with your CorPatch®, never attach it to a healthy living being.

In case of cardiac arrest, open app immediately and follow instructions:

1. Check vital signs.

Speak loudly and shake the victim slightly to check for responsiveness.

Check the victim’s breathing.

2. Call 1-1-2 and enable loudspeaker.

3. Return to the app after dialling 1-1-2.

4. Apply your CorPatch® onto the victim’s chest.

5. The audio and visual feedback from the free CorPatch® app guides you in performing effective CPR.