CorPatch® User Guide

The free CorPatch® app can reduce insecurities and help you check for vital life signs, call 1-1-2 and perform CPR if you witness a cardiac arrest. 

The feedback system with instructions will guide you to perform effective CPR from the first crucial minutes, which can increase chances of survival. 

The free CorPatch® app is compatible with iOS and Android devices. The App requires Android 8.0 respectively iOS 14.0 or later versions  and Bluetooth (BLE) 4.2.
We recommend updating your device’s operating system regularly.


CorPatch® Manual

Quick Start Guide

How to use the CorPatch® app

Download the free CorPatch® app from App store or Google Play Store:

Open App store or Google Play and search for “CorPatch”

Download and install the CorPatch® app on your Android device.

Open the CorPatch® app.

If you are setting up your CorPatch® for the first time, make sure that your smartphone is up to date.

Then follow these steps:

  1. When you open the CorPatch® app for the first time, you can sign up with your email and chosen password.
  2. When you have created your profile, you will receive an email verification.
  3. After signing up and logging in, you will be asked to connect the CorPatch®. Press firmly on to your CorPatch® to connect.

You are able to train with your CorPatch® up to ten minutes every three months to practice your CPR performance. Be aware that CorPatch® is not rechargeable.

You are able to check the battery status on an ongoing basis via the CorPatch® app to ensure that there is enough battery life in case of a real-life situation of cardiac arrest.

The CorPatch® battery lifetime can last approx. four years.

Real-life situation
Remember to only perform CPR with your CorPatch® if you witness a cardiac arrest, i.e. an unconscious person who is not breathing.

If you want to train with your CorPatch®, never attach it to a healthy living being.

In case of cardiac arrest, open app immediately and follow instructions:

1. Check vital signs.

Speak loudly and shake the victim slightly to check for responsiveness.

Check the victim’s breathing.

2. Call 1-1-2 and enable loudspeaker.

3. Return to the app after dialling 1-1-2.

4. Apply your CorPatch® onto the victim’s chest.

5. The audio and visual feedback from the free CorPatch® app guides you in performing effective CPR.

Disposal of CorPatch® 

Information on disposal of CorPatch®
SmartResQ/CorPatch® complies with the nation and international laws and regulations in relation to waste electronical and electronic equipment (WEEE Directive) and batteries. By ensuring that our products are disposed correctly, you help prevent potentially negative consequences for the environment and human health, which could otherwise be caused by inappropriate waste handling of the products etc.

For private households:
Electrical and electronic equipment and incorporated batteries contain materials, components and substances that may present a risk to human health and the environment when derived waste is not handled correctly.

Electrical and electronic equipment and batteries are marked with the below crossed-out wheeled bin symbol indicating that they should not be discarded together with unseparated household waste but must be collected separately.

It is important that you dispose of your waste batteries to the available collection schemes. In this way you help ensure that batteries are recycled in accordance with current legislation and do not cause unnecessary adverse environmental impacts.

All local authorities have established collection points under which residents can dispose waste electrical and electronic equipment and portable batteries free of charge at a recycling centre or other collection points, or they will be collected directly from households. More detailed information is available from the technical administration of the relevant local authority.

Penalties may be applicable for incorrect disposal of this waste, in accordance with your national legislation.

For disposal in countries outside of the European Union:
This symbol is only valid in the European Union (EU). If you wish to discard this product, please contact your local authorities or dealer and ask for the correct method of disposal.

Get a new CorPatch®

You can order a new CorPatch® on our webshop.

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Recommend CorPatch® to colleagues, family and friends to prepare them in case of cardiac arrest.

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CorPatch® can be used by anyone strong enough to perform CPR. CorPatch® is not suitable for use on infants or children in cardiac arrest.

Do not use any SmartResQ/CorPatch® system for fun on any living person, pets or any other living creature. No matter how well or early CPR is performed, there is no guarantee of survival with or without the use of any SmartResQ/CorPatch® system.

Do not use the CorPatch® in conjunction with any mechanical or automated compression devices not developed or explicitly approved by SmartResQ/CorPatch®.

Do not use the CorPatch® on top of defibrillation pads from an AED.

If the CorPatch® appears to be damaged e.g. develops cracks or sharp edges, please discontinue use.

The CorPatch® is not intended for use in a moving environment including but not limited to travel in air, sea or road. If used in a situation like this, the device may provide inaccurate feedback.

The CorPatch® is not intended for use if the manikin is on a soft surface e.g. a couch or bed, as the depth feedback during such conditions might appear inaccurate. Make sure the manikin is lying on a firm surface.

Contact a local CorPatch® representative for further assistance or visit www.corpatch.com for more information.

Contact support

Need more help?

Please visit our support page for FAQ and further information.

If you have any questions, concerns, or issues regarding the app and CorPatch®, please contact SmartResQ/CorPatch® support team directly via email: