CorPatch® Trainer


CorPatch® Trainer is a rechargeable solution for CPR training in first aid courses and the perfect way to implement CPR feedback in first aid courses.









About CorPatch® Trainer

CorPatch® Trainer is a unique CPR training device with a free app that can guide and prepare you to save a life in case of cardiac arrest. It is used by First Aid Training Institutes in courses to give an extended experience when training CPR. It stores data about the depth, recoil, frequency and flow fraction of chest compressions in CPR training, so that the Trainer can give you the best possible instructions.

The CorPatch® Trainer easily connects to the free CorPatch® Trainer app. When connected, you can get real-time feedback on your CPR performance through audio and visual effects. And Trainers can use the app to follow progressions for Trainees and give advice on how to improve performance.

CorPatch® Trainer can be used by anyone who wants to improve the quality of their  CPR, but is especially useful in first aid courses for ambitious Training Institutes who want to offer customers something out of the ordinary.

CorPatch® Trainer connected to the free CorPatch® Trainer app can guide the trainer or course participants to perform effective CPR based on very accurate measurement.

After training, each trainee can see their individual performance in relation to depth, flow fraction, recoil and frequency, which makes it easier for the trainer to give CPR instructions based on hard data. The data is stored in the CorPatch® Trainer app, and after the course it is transmitted to the CorPatch® Services system.

The Training Institute Admin can login to the free CorPatch® Service admin backend and add new courses and Trainers, get an overview of earlier first aid courses and much more. The Trainer can register the Trainee’s email address, before the CPR training begins. If the course participant used the same email address to sign up and connect their personal CorPatch® to the free CorPatch® app, their first aid course performance will automatically appear in their personal, CorPatch® app too.

In all, CorPatch® and CorPatch® Trainer form a unique Train-as-you-Fight concept, which has thus far not been availalable to Training Institutes.

At the end of each course, the trainer can upload the training session data to the CorPatch® Services platform and share anonymised results with their organisation.

CorPatch® Trainer is designed to be placed on existing first aid course manikins from manufacturers such as Ambu, Laerdal, Braiden, Prestan, and PractiMan.

Please remove the CorPatch® Trainer and the adhesive patch after each training session.

Important!  CorPatch® Trainer can be used by anyone strong enough to perform CPR.  The CorPatch® Trainer must exclusively be used on manikins or similar objects in training sessions and never in a real-life situation on a person who suffers from cardiac arrest or any other health-related illness.  Do not use any SmartResQ/CorPatch® system for fun on any living person, pets or any other living creature.

For Training Institutes

CorPatch® Trainer offers several advantages for training institutes or first aid course providers. It is the perfect way to implement CPR feedback in first aid courses. 

  • CorPatch® Trainer is a comprehensive system that gives training institutes one platform with a complete overview of all Trainers and Trainees including their individual CPR performances in relation to depth, frequency, flow fraction and recoil. 
  • The live CPR feedback system from CorPatch® Trainer and the free app make the first aid courses more interactive and based on hard data. This way, the Trainer can guide the trainee to improve their CPR exactly where it is needed e.g. depth or recoil.
  • The comprehensive system makes it possible for institutes and trainers to compare statistics and CPR performances over time and track each Trainees’ progression throughout the course.
  • The first aid trainer can use CorPatch® Trainer on existing manikins and set up group sessions for up to 20 trainees per CorPatch®. 
  • It is also possible for trainer to customize the standards for each session in relation to duration, feedback mode, type of training, frequency (BPM), training level and check vital signs. Also, it is possible to train without feedback, and thereby measure the quality trainees can achieve without feedback. This is good for measure before-after results.
  • At the end of the course, the trainer can offer a CorPatch® with similar CPR feedback system to the course participants, which they can use in case of a real-life cardiac arrest, and train at home every three month, and thereby stay fully ready for a real cardiac arrest. Read more about our unique ‘Train-As-You-Fight’-concept below.

Train As You Fight

For best use, we recommend that you install and connect the free CorPatch® app with CorPatch® and CorPatch® Trainer app with CorPatch® Trainer.

Together, CorPatch® and CorPatch® Trainer offer a unique ‘Train-As-You-Fight’ concept.

Because we have the exact same live feedback systems in the apps, the trainees can bring the best of CPR training to their home after the first aid course. And Training Institutes can offer customers the possibility to train 4 minutes every 3 months in the comfort of their home, before returning for a refresher course. This will hopefully reduce insecurities and increase the Trainees’ confidence to act in case they witness a cardiac arrest.


First aid Trainers can improve their own and the Trainees’ CPR performance based on live feedback and hard data, and thereby give better instructions and make the course more interactive.

The Trainees get familiar with the CPR feedback system through CorPatch® Trainer in a safe environment with assistance from professional first aid Trainers. Afterwards, they can practise 4 minutes every 3 months at home with CorPatch® and be prepared for a real-life case of cardiac arrest.

We recommend regular first aid courses to CorPatch® users.