CorPatch® prepares and empowers you to act in case you witness a cardiac arrest

Do you know what can make the difference between life and death in case of cardiac arrest?


Number 1
If chest compressions are just ½ inch shallower than the recommended 5-6 cm, the chance of survival drops by 50%

Number 2
For every 5 seconds chest compressions are interrupted, the chance of survival decreases by 18%

Number 3
Already 6 months after a first aid course, most people (even medical staff) have forgotten most of what to do

With CorPatch® we aim to reduce insecurities and guide you to perform quality CPR from the first crucial minutes of a cardiac arrest. We believe that frequent CPR training in the comfort of ones home or office, combined with regular first aid courses, provides the best retention of practical CPR skills. If you witness a cardiac arrest, CorPatch® and the free app can guide you to check for vital life signs, call for an ambulance and perform CPR using a unique feedback system.



CorPatch® can prepare and guide you to perform optimal CPR in a real cardiac arrest.


CorPatch® Trainer is a rechargeable first aid training solution with the same feedback as CorPatch® - A 'Train as you Fight' concept!

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To nurture and grow a safety culture, give all your employees a CorPatch®

With a CorPatch® at hand you will feel safe knowing you can help each other in case of cardiac arrest

suffer from cardiac arrest every year in Europe


of cardiac arrest victims survive each year


who receive high-quality CPR and AED shocks can survive


of those who survive return to a normal working life

What is cardiac arrest?

Cardiac arrest causes ~20% of all deaths in Europe with higher occurrence than cancer, heart attack and traffic accidents combined. Survival chances decrease by 10% per minute when a person suffers from cardiac arrest. When you perform CPR from the first crucial minutes, you increase the chance of the victim surviving.

Why use CorPatch®?

CorPatch® is a small medical device with a free app that prepares and empowers you to perform quality CPR in case of cardiac arrest. CorPatch® and the free CorPatch® app can reduce insecurities and help you check for vital life signs, call 1-1-2 and perform CPR.

Why use CorPatch® Trainer?

CorPatch® Trainer is specially developed for training institutes and CPR training. The feedback system in the free CorPatch® Trainer app makes it easy for you to track CPR performance over time and prepare for a real-life case of cardiac arrest.

CorPatch® Trainer is the perfect way to implement CPR feedback in courses – a real Train As You Fight concept!

With a CorPatch® at hand you will feel confident and prepared to perform quality CPR, which can help save the life of your colleague

CorPatch® FAQs

Why is good and regular CPR training not enough to perform effective CPR?

Studies show that many CPR skills acquired at a first aid course are forgotten after just three months, and most after 6 months. This life-saving knowledge will slowly vanish if not properly maintained or regularly trained, which is possible with CorPatch®.

It can be a very stressful experience to witness a cardiac arrest, and this can cause the bystander to panic or not do anything at all out of fear of making the problem worse. Regular training cannot predict the actual reactions from the bystander, but you are better prepared for the situation. Hopefully, the free CorPatch® app will increase your confidence to act, and when connected to a CorPatch®, it will guide and help you perform high quality CPR.

How easy is CorPatch® to use in case of a cardiac arrest?

The free CorPatch® app is very user-friendly and will guide you to recognize a cardiac arrest. The app will tell you to check for vital life-signs and call EMS (1-1-2) if a cardiac arrest is at hand. If connected to a CorPatch®, it can also guide you to perform high quality CPR.

Furthermore, CorPatch® has a self-train function to prepare you to use CorPatch® and the associated free app in a real-life situation. For more detailed information, feel free to check out our User Guides.

How much time do I use on CorPatch® before I begin to perform CPR?

We recommend that you place the free CorPatch® app on the home screen of your smartphone, so it is easy to find. This way you are also informed about all relevant news on guidelines and other news related to cardiac arrest.

In the event of a cardiac arrest, you simply need to open the free CorPatch® app and tap ’emergency’. Now you are ready to start diagnosing cardiac arrest, and if a cardiac arrest is at hand, you simply have to remove the CorPatch® from its enclosure and place it on the chest of the victim. Then you are ready to start chest compressions.

If well prepared, this can happen within very few seconds and this way you can maximize the blood flow to the brain and improve survival chances considerably.

How can I be sure that CorPatch® makes a difference when I perform CPR?

CorPatch® and the free CorPatch® app are developed to empower you to act, if you witness a cardiac arrest. The CorPatch® and app will guide you to perform quality CPR, but it cannot ‘do it for you’ e.g. give compressions or rescue breaths. It is a supplement that makes it easier to perform quality CPR as you will receive live guidance on how you’re doing, if you have a CorPatch® connected to the free app.

If you do not feel confident to do rescue breath, do not worry. Chest compressions alone will also improve survival chances if you start fast enough, since there is oxygen in the blood at that time, which can saturate the brain for some minutes.

We always recommend you sign up for a first aid course to gain the relevant CPR knowledge, which you can combine with the skills acquired through CorPatch®.

Some AEDs can measure compression depth when you perform CPR. Why should I use CorPatch® instead?

The CorPatch® is designed to assist the bystander in the first crucial minutes after a cardiac arrest before the arrival of an AED or ambulance. It is recommended by the European Resuscitation Council to immediately start CPR – mainly chest compressions, but also rescue breaths if you feel confident to do so. Send someone else to pick up an AED, if there are more than one bystander at the scene, but do not go yourself! Chest compressions are much more important in improving survival chances.

Many AED models can only provide a metronome-like rhythm to guide the rescuer, while mainly new AEDs are able to measure the compression depth and frequency. The main function of an AED is to shock the heart and hopefully ensure ordinary hearth-rhythm – not to guide CPR.

Can I damage the victim or myself when I perform CPR with CorPatch®?

The shape, size and hardness of the CorPatch® is designed to reduce the possibility of hurting the victim and the bystander. The feedback system can help to ensure that the bystander does not put unnecessary pressure on the victim’s chest, risking damage to internal organs of the victim.

CorPatch® also has a built-in positioning ‘patch’ that shows the bystander exactly where on the victim’s chest to place the CorPatch® before starting CPR. This ensures that you compress in the right position and do not injure the victim.

Are there any evidence supporting the accuracy and measurements of CorPatch® and CorPatch® Trainer?

CorPatch® measures CPR with a market-leading high precision, validated by Dresden University of Technology, and you can therefore absolutely rely on the guidance CorPatch® gives you.

CorPatch® has been developed with the combined efforts of researchers and behavioural scientists from several countries, and it follows the strict guidelines for resuscitation as released by the European Resuscitation Council. The Guidelines are published every 5 years, and they are based on abundant scientific studies.

In the latest edition from 2021 it is recommended only to use feedback devices, which are part of a comprehensive quality System.  CorPatch® is just such a system, as you continuosly have the opportunity to see the quality of your CPR training and improve your performance, just as we collect anonymous data of the quality of the CPR, when CorPatch® is used in real cardiac arrests.
Data will be made available to scientists , and makes it possible to research on data, that has not been available before.

The first randomized research studies with CorPatch® have been completed, and the conclusion was that there is a clear improvement in both depth, frequency and recoil when using CorPatch®.
Read more on this page: https://corpatch.com/scientific-articles/

Scientist who are interest in working with us can contact us directly here: https://corpatch.com/contact/

If I get instructions from the CorPatch®, AED and EMS at the same time, what instructions should I follow?

If you witness a cardiac arrest, the free CorPatch® app will ask you to call EMS (1-1-2) after you check for vital life signs. Always follow the instructions from the EMS but tell them that you use a CorPatch® that will give you immediate feedback on your CPR performance and guide you to perform high-quality CPR.

If you are more than one bystander at the scene, send someone to pick up an AED while you continue CPR. After you apply the AED, follow its instructions when it analyses heart rhythms, and stay clear if it provides a shock, but otherwise continue to follow the guidance in the free CorPatch® app.

Continue CPR and follow CorPatch® feedback until professional assistance arrives and takes over, unless the patient has been resuscitated by the shock of an AED or your CPR.

Why should I use a CorPatch® if I can perform CPR just as effectively without?

If you are completely certain about your CPR performance over time, then you are the ideal first aid rescuer. But how do you know how well you perform CPR without any measurement? Are you not doing compressions blindfolded?

Studies show that even professionals loose their ability to perform proper CPR over time, if it is not practised regularly. With CorPatch® you can practise 5 minutes every 3 month in the comfort of your home, and if you have to do chest compression, then you have accurate measurements of how well you are doing. That is completely new!

Our extensive user tests show that CorPatch® improves performance considerably, and users tell us that having the instructions in the app made it easier to go on. Tests have shown significant improvements to a constantly high quality level.

The CorPatch® free app can increase the confidence and ensure that everyone is well prepared in case they witness a cardiac arrest, and if connected to a CorPatch®, you can be guided to perform quality CPR.

The data collected from real-life use will be able to guide an evidence-based approach to improving quality of CPR in real-life out of hospital cardiac arrest (OHCA).

Do I need a first aid course before I purchase a CorPatch®?

We recommend that you participate in a first aid course to be prepared and know what to do in case of cardiac arrest. A learning experience with other course participants is extremely helpful in giving you the required confidence to act and learn how to switch between more persons on the scene.

You can see a list of our partners that provide CPR course with the CorPatch® technology on our website. It will give you a much better learning experience and prepare you to use the CorPatch® technology in a real-life situation.

The Team

The team behind CorPatch® are experts with solid experience within their field. They share a mutual passion to save life after cardiac arrest and set high standards for themselves as well as the technology and development of CorPatch® and future life-saving technologies.

Prof. Dr. Michael Müller

Prof. Dr. Michael Müller

Consultant anaesthesiologist and emergency physician in Freiburg, Germany. Inventor of CorPatch® and chief evangelist.

He worked as a paramedic for many years and after his studies he worked in anaesthesiology, intensive care, and emergency medicine. His scientific focus is on education, simulation, and cardiopulmonary resuscitation. Michael has published numerous peer reviewed scientific articles.

He invented CorPatch® during his tenure in Dresden, where in-hospital cardiac arrest survival improved dramatically due to very frequent CPR training.

Dr. Matthias Roth

Dr. Matthias Roth

Consultant anesthesiologist, Department of Anaesthesiology, Intensive Care and Emergency Medicine, St. Josefs Hospital Freiburg, Germany.

Dr. Matthias Roth has extensive experience as an emergency physician in ambulance and helicopter service. He is an enthusiastic instructor in simulation courses for clinicians, nurses, and paramedics. Matthias is committed to high quality CPR and new technologies with a focus on ease-of-use.

CEO B.Sc. Per Schorling

CEO B.Sc. Per Schorling

Entrepreneur, inventor of a smartphone system that alerts community first responders, documented to increase survival after cardiac arrest.

Per Schorling has worked on multiple projects to improve survival of cardiac arrest within the last 10 years.

CSO Steffen Stegherr

CSO Steffen Stegherr

20+ years of experience from leading international medtech companies in sales, product management and marketing in the field of resuscitation.

Steffen worked as a paramedic for more than two decades, as paramedic educator and BLS/ALS instructor. He authored several books and articles focused on early defibrillation, BLS training, education in EMS as well es post resuscitation care.

COO Ingo Riedl

COO Ingo Riedl

Over 35 years of medical device expertise encompassing Strategic Sales & Operations Planning, Profit & Loss Management, Forecasting & Budgeting,
Business Process Optimization, Vendor Management, Client Relations and Employee Oversight for WORLD-CLASS ORGANIZATIONS with a focus on Supply Chain,
Operations and Lean Management.

Ingo Riedl is responsible for the Supply Chain and Operations at CorPatch®

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