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Our Vision

Saving a live after cardiac arrest is as easy as applying a patch

Our Mission

We want to enable any witness of OHCA to provide high quality CPR. Thus, we contribute to an increase in number of bystanders that trust themselves to react, in spite of possibly lacking – or outdated – knowledge of CPR. We empower people to save lives.

We base all R&D on most recent scientific evidence and we have ongoing dialogue with users and customers in order to continuously provide a reliable product, processing high quality data, and ensuring high quality CPR


CorPatch®​ has evolved around the urge to significantly improve chances of surviving a cardiac arrest. The original idea came to life in the head of inventor Prof. Dr. Michael Müller. In his work as Chefarzt in emergency medicine and trainer for CPR worldwide, he recognized that, in order to significantly improve the survival rate in case of cardiac arrest, there is a need for improving early bystander CPR quality. This prompted the idea of creating a tool for efficient, high quality bystander CPR that utilizes the device we all have; The smartphone.

The development of CorPatch® sprung from his observations and is tested and produced in accordance with most recent medical standards and user preferences.

The development of the prototype is partly funded by the Innovation Fund Denmark

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