About CorPatch®

What to do when a loved one is not breathing and lies unconscious on the ground? If you feel insecure and uncertain about how to perform CPR in case of cardiac arrest, you are not alone. It is an extremely stressful situation, where chances of survival decrease for every minute, the brain lacks blood and oxygen.

With CorPatch® we aim to reduce insecurities and guide you to perform quality CPR from the first crucial minutes of a cardiac arrest. CorPatch® and the free app can guide you to check for life signs, call 1-1-2 and perform CPR using a unique feedback system.


We want to save lives and increase survival rates through high-quality CPR in case of cardiac arrest.


We want to prepare and empower anyone to provide high-quality CPR with CorPatch® in case of cardiac arrest by:

Making anyone familiar with how to perform effective CPR

Giving confidence to anyone to act and help them make a difference

Removing the anxiety when a cardiac arrest occurs

SmartResQ is the company behind CorPatch®, which has evolved from the urge to significantly improve chances of survival after cardiac arrest.

In 2014, the idea came to life by inventor Prof. Dr. Michael Müller, head physician in emergency medicine in Freiburg, Germany. He recognized the need to improve early bystander CPR quality in case of cardiac arrest. A few years later, Dr. Matthias Roth, entrepreneur B.Sc. Per Schorling and technological lead Dipl.Ing. Thomas Hötzel joined the vision to save more lives after cardiac arrest.

CorPatch® is developed, tested and produced in accordance with most recent medical standards and user preferences.

In 2017, the very first research showed how well CorPatch® works and since then, development has continued steadily onwards. Now, the accurate and rock-solid technology is ready to help save lives in case of cardiac arrest.

Team SmartResQ

The team behind CorPatch® are experts with solid experience within their field. They share a mutual passion to save life after cardiac arrest and set high standards for themselves as well as the technology and development of CorPatch®.

Prof. Dr. Michael Müller

Prof. Dr. Michael Müller

(1971, German)

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Consultant anaesthesiologist and emergency physician in Freiburg, Germany. Inventor of CorPatch® and chief evangelist.

He worked as a paramedic for many years and after his studies he worked in anaesthesiology, intensive care, and emergency medicine. His scientific focus is on education, simulation, and cardiopulmonary resuscitation. Michael has published numerous peer reviewed scientific articles.

He invented CorPatch® during his tenure in Dresden, where in-hospital cardiac arrest survival improved dramatically due to very frequent CPR training.


Dr. Matthias Roth

Dr. Matthias Roth

(1975, German)

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Consultant anesthesiologist, Department of Anaesthesiology, Intensive Care and Emergency Medicine, St. Josefs Hospital Freiburg, Germany. 

Dr. Matthias Roth has extensive experience as an emergency physician in ambulance and helicopter service. He is an enthusiastic instructor in simulation courses for clinicians, nurses, and paramedics. Matthias is committed to high quality CPR and new technologies with a focus on ease-of-use.


CEO B.Sc. Per Schorling

CEO B.Sc. Per Schorling

(1969, Danish)

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Entrepreneur, inventor and co-owner of FirstAED a smartphone system that alerts community first responders, documented to increase survival after cardiac arrest.

Per Schorling has worked on multiple projects to improve survival of cardiac arrest within the last 10 years.  

CTO/COO Thomas Hötzel

CTO/COO Thomas Hötzel

(1960, German)

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30+ years of experience from leading international companies and expert teams in developing innovative applications and system solutions, based on advanced electronics, software and sensor technologies, combined with latest agile development processes.

Thomas Hötzel covers the full range of business processes from idea and architecture to high volume production, and is the forefront of the development and production of CorPatch®.