Now, saving a life becomes as easy as applying a patch


Cardiac arrest is the No. 3 killer worldwide with higher occurrence than cancer, heart attack and traffic accidents. It is estimated that 350,000-700,000 people suffer from out-of-hospital cardiac arrest (OHCA) every year across Europe – the equivalent of more than 1,000 people every day! And similar numbers apply in the USA/Canada.

In case of cardiac arrest, the chance of survival to normal life decreases by 10% for every minute where high-quality CPR is not performed. We want to fill the gap from the collapse until arrival of a defibrillator or ambulance, by helping the witness perform high-quality CPR. We do this by transferring CPR quality data in real time and guiding the witness in real-time. In doing this we make all actions from the very first minute efficient, valuable – and documented

On average about 10% survive sudden cardiac arrest, and in many areas witnesses are hesitant to provide CPR. We want to change this and it is our goal to empower a bystander of an OHCA to save a life by giving early high-quality CPR.


CorPatch® is the solution that increases the quality of bystander CPR in case of an out of hospital cardiac arrest. It is a patch that a witness to a cardiac arrest can apply to the chest of the person suffering the cardiac arrest.

The CorPatch® communicates with a free app on the smartphone, and the witness is instructed to verify cardiac arrest and via smartphone guided to perform high-quality CPR.

It is our goal to revolutionize life-saving – do you want to be part of our vision?


Cardiac arrest/yr in Europe

Survive/yr on average 10%


Survive with high-quality CPR & AED schock in 5 min.


Return to normal working life after surviving


Bystander CPR Rate in Stavanger, Norway


Survival Rate in Stavanger, Norway

If we can increase the rate of high-quality bystander CPR,
then many more could survive out of hospital cardiac arrest!


CorPatch® is relevant for almost anyone, e.g. community first responders, lay responders, EMS staff, Police staff, rescue personnel and in general witnesses and bystanders to OHCA with limited CPR training.

Similarly, almost any organization and company should be interested in using CorPatch® in their work to increase survival after cardiac arrest, e.g.:

  • Aid organizations
  • Emergency medical services
  • Hospital
  • Police
  • Fire
  • Rescue
  • CPR training
  • Company rescue teams


If you have previously suffered a heart attack, you are at high risk of also suffering a subsequent cardiac arrest. It can be a good idea to provide CorPatch® for your closest family, friends and neighbours, since they will most likely be around should you suffer a cardiac arrest (60-80% of cardiac arrest occur in the home).

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Grow your base with CorPatch®

When an organization uses CorPatch®, you get the possibility to enlist a vast number of bystanders in the chain of survival.

We communicate with a high number of registered bystanders, and thus assist with bystander enrollment for aid organizations, helping them grow the next generation of community first responders.

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